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Chocolate Candy alway Melts under the Sun byTyeshia Sturgis book
Tyeshia Sturgis book

Chocolate Candy Always Melts in the Sun

Flower and Bee Stings

The Devils Daughter book cover by T. L. Sturgis

The Devil's Daughter

Tyeshia Sturgis book TL Stugis book

Flirting with Darkness

Rage and Bloodthirst series

Book One

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Tyeshia Sturgis
Tyeshia Sturgis

Bestselling Author of Poetry, Thriller, Horror, And Fantasy

T. L Sturgis Tyeshia Sturgis book The Silent Reflection.
T. L Sturgis Tyeshia Sturgis book
T.L Sturgis tyeshia sturgis book
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Tyeshiasturgis (T.L Sturgis)  Author

T.L. Sturgis is a skilled writer from Kentucky with over 10 years of experience. Her writing is emotive, thought-provoking, and captures the human experience. She is dedicated to continuing her writing journey and producing captivating books.


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Tyeshia Sturgis