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Flirting with Darkness
Rage and Bloodthirst Series
Book One

Embark on a voyage full of unexpected twists and turns, leading to a conclusion no one would have anticipated...


The story focuses on Amara, a woman whose life changes drastically when a vampire attacks her in the dead of night. Her transformation has devastating consequences for her mental health and endangers the lives of those she loves.


The world of vampires has strict rules, and those who don’t follow them face deadly punishment, such as beheading.


Amara needs to decide whether to abide by the vampires' regulations or choose her human friends who could potentially save her from damnation. In either case, Amara must find a way to control her newfound powers before it destroys everything in her path. Unfortunately, time is not on her side.



★ "Flirting With Darkness" is a gripping tale that brings to life the fearsome world of vampires through a young woman's internal struggle between her bloodthirsty urges and her humanity. 

★  An artistically written story with a plot involving a frightening vampire realm, powerful human emotions, and characters who must make difficult choices with fatal results. 

★ It is an essential read for vampire fiction enthusiasts and fans of mystery, suspense, and thriller genres.

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Chocolate Candy Always Melts In the Sun

Welcome to a world of raw emotion. A roller coaster of love, betrayal, depression, and mental wellness.


Chocolate Candy Always Melts in the Sun is the award-winning, emotionally-charged journey through the eyes of one woman. As she dives deep into what was and what could be.


Each poem in this four-part collection is food for the soul. Prepare your mind for a trek unlike any you will experience as author Tyeshia Sturgis opens her soul to you. Question. Ponder. Engage. Travel the roads of trials and tribulations on the path to redemption.

Flowers and Bee Stings

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How does one overcome pain and grief while growing as a person?

It is an easy question to ask yet challenging to answer. Flowers and Bee Stings is one woman’s attempt to discover the way through pain to the healing powers of self-discovery. This journey to ultimate freedom is one of beauty and happiness from the fires of trial and tribulation.


A collection of emotionally stirring poetry, Flowers and Bee Stings will awaken your spirit and fuel you with untapped passion. The time has come to find yourself and begin anew. Each poem in this collection comes from the heart and will quickly become your go-to motivation to see you through the storm.


Buy Flowers and bee Stings today and rediscover what it means to be alive.

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The Devil's Daughter

Ever since Lilith was born, an evil entity has had its claws on her. At least, that’s her belief.


This entity, this demon, has caused her to do terrible things throughout her life. But when a line is crossed, and Lilith commits an unspeakable act, she is sentenced to a life term in an asylum for the criminally insane.


Is it a demon, or is she just mentally deranged?


By recounting her story, she hopes that the people who are blind to the truth understand what’s in stake-their souls. Lilith maintains that she is not psychotic but that her alleged crimes were necessary to save them from an eternity in hell. For the ones that are blinded to the possibility of the supernatural, Lilith tries to help them see what they do not understand before it’s too late.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book 4
Book no.3
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