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T. L Sturgis Tyeshia Sturgis book The Silent Reflection

The Silent Reflection



There are family secrets, and then there's the Lockhart family secret… Sinister, and utterly despicable.


After a traumatic childhood event alters the lives of the Lockharts, their past threatens to spill into their present when a missing person's case opens up.


But Meredith Lockhart, a relentless lawyer, will do whatever it takes to secure her hard-won career and ensure her family's secrets remain unheard and unseen. But with her twin sister's fragile sanity, staying in the shadows becomes a tough row to hoe for the Lockharts.


Adding to the tension, Detective Ward has his sights on them and is confident there's something sinister about the seemingly picture-perfect family. As he closes in, the secrets spill out, one by one.  He finds himself mixed in with a web of lies, murder, and deceit.


In the end, it's everyone for themselves.


Who will survive, and who will fall?


The Silent Reflection is an intense psychological crime thriller set in the nightmarish enclave of Altura Heights—a bit of mystery sprinkled with ruthless crimes and a shocking twist.

Tyeshia Sturgis book

Chocolate Candy Always Melts In the Sun

Enter a world filled with intense emotions. Love, betrayal, depression, and mental health create a roller coaster ride of experiences.


Experience the award-winning collection, "Chocolate Candy Always Melts in the Sun" which takes you on a thought-provoking journey through the eyes of a woman who delves into her past and envisions her future.


The four-part collection of poems offers nourishment for the soul. Author Tyeshia Sturgis bares her soul and invites you to question, reflect, and engage with her words. Follow the path of trials and tribulations toward redemption. Get ready for a unique adventure unlike any other.

Flowers and Bee Stings

Tyeshia Sturgis book

Discovering how to overcome pain and grief while also growing as a person is a difficult question to answer. However, Flowers and Bee Stings is a beautiful attempt by one woman to find her way toward self-discovery and healing. This collection of emotionally stirring poetry is designed to awaken your spirit and fill you with untapped passion. 


Through the fires of trial and tribulation, this journey to ultimate freedom is one of beauty and happiness. Each poem in this collection comes from the heart and will serve as your go-to motivation to see you through even the toughest of storms. 


So, if you're looking to find yourself and start anew, consider purchasing Flowers and Bee Stings today and rediscovering what it truly means to be alive.

Best selling Novella by T.L Sturgis Tyeshia Sturgis

The Devil's Daughter

Lilith has always believed that an evil entity has had its grip on her since birth. Throughout her life, she has been compelled to commit heinous acts by this demon. However, when she finally crosses a line and commits an unspeakable crime, she is sentenced to spend the rest of her life in a mental institution for the criminally insane.


The question remains: is Lilith truly possessed by a demon, or is she simply suffering from a severe mental illness?


Through telling her story, Lilith hopes to shed light on the truth and warn others about the dangers that lie ahead. She remains steadfast in her belief that she is not insane and that her actions were necessary to save humanity from eternal damnation. For those who refuse to believe in the supernatural, Lilith strives to provide insight and understanding before it's too late.

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Flirting with Darkness book by T. L Sturgis Tyeshia Sturgis

Flirting with DarknessRage and Bloodthirst SeriesBook One

Discover a thrilling journey filled with unexpected plot twists and turns, culminating in an unforeseen conclusion...


The story centers around Amara, a woman whose life takes a drastic turn when she is attacked by a vampire in the midst of the night. Her transformation has devastating effects on her mental well-being and puts the lives of those she cares about in danger.


The realm of vampires is governed by strict rules, with those who disobey facing fatal punishment, such as decapitation.


Amara must choose between obeying the vampires' regulations or siding with her human companions, who may be able to rescue her from damnation. Regardless of her choice, Amara must learn to control her newfound abilities before they wreak havoc on everything in her path. Unfortunately, time is of the essence.


★ "Flirting With Darkness" is a gripping narrative that delves into the frightening world of vampires through the inner struggle of a young woman torn between her insatiable bloodlust and her humanity.

★ This exquisitely written story features a riveting plot involving a terrifying vampire realm, intense human emotions, and characters who must make life-or-death decisions.

★ It is a must-read for fans of vampire fiction and enthusiasts of mystery, suspense, and thriller genres.

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