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In the pursuit of atmospheric storytelling and compelling visuals, Dark Legacy Studios is poised to deliver a unique cinematic journey with "Devil's Daughter." Their dedication to leaving an indelible mark on the audience's psyche is evident in their commitment to both terrifying and thought-provoking experiences. As the company brings this project to life, anticipate an extraordinary collaboration between Dark Legacy Studios and the supernatural, promising a cinematic legacy that transcends the ordinary. Stay tuned for an unforgettable venture into the shadows of the human mind and beyond.

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Devil's Daughter Movie
(Currently in Development)

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"Devil's Daughter" is currently in development as a cinematic exploration delving into the realms of psychological horror and the supernatural. Our team envisions crafting an intense, immersive experience that challenges the audience's perceptions of reality.


This upcoming movie aims to navigate the blurred boundaries between the tangible and the supernatural, inviting viewers to question their beliefs and immerse themselves in a haunting narrative.


Set against the backdrop of fear surrounding a demonic entity, "Devil's Daughter" creates an atmosphere of suspense and unease, weaving a tale that goes beyond mere frights. Positioned as a thought-provoking journey, the film not only seeks to terrify but also to provoke contemplation on the existence of unseen forces.


With a commitment to atmospheric storytelling and compelling visuals, this movie promises a unique cinematic exploration into the shadows of the human mind and the supernatural. Stay tuned for an unforgettable experience that leaves an indelible mark on the audience's psyche.



Tyeshia Sturgis (T. L Sturgis) -Screenwriter

Tyeshia Sturgis, writing under the pen name T. L. Sturgis, is an accomplished author celebrated for her mastery in crafting gripping narratives. Her award-winning novella, the inspiration behind "The Devil's Daughter," showcases her talent for seamlessly blending psychological horror and supernatural elements. Sturgis's literary prowess has garnered recognition and praise, making her a standout voice in the horror genre. With an innate ability to evoke emotions and create immersive worlds, Sturgis brings a unique and captivating perspective to the collaborative vision of this cinematic endeavor. As her compelling story transitions from page to screen, Sturgis's contribution to "The Devil's Daughter" promises to leave an indelible mark on audiences, delivering a chilling and thought-provoking experience.

Tyeshia Sturgis author and screen writer
Scott Vickers

Scott Vickers- Director

Scott Vickers stands as a luminary in the realm of horror cinema, renowned for his exceptional storytelling and directorial prowess. With a proven track record in the genre, Vickers has carved a niche for himself through his adept ability to craft compelling narratives that evoke fear and suspense. His innovative approach to filmmaking, coupled with a keen eye for atmospheric details, has earned him acclaim among audiences and critics alike. As a driving force behind "The Devil's Daughter," Vickers brings his wealth of experience and passion for the macabre to the forefront, ensuring an unforgettable and chilling cinematic experience for audiences around the world.

The Devil's Daughter Novella
(Inspiration behind the movie)

Dark Legacy Studios proudly presents "The Devil's Daughter," a cinematic gem based on the award-winning novella by Tyeshia Sturgis, pen name T. L. Sturgis.


This adaptation preserves the essence of T. L. Sturgis's original work, amplifying its impact on the silver screen. With a focus on psychological horror and the supernatural elements inherent in the novella, the studio is committed to honoring T. L. Sturgis's vision while delivering an immersive experience.


"The Devil's Daughter" promises to be a seamless fusion of literary brilliance and cinematic innovation, ensuring the compelling story continues to captivate audiences in this thrilling new medium.


Scott Vickers Achievements
Tyeshia Sturgis T. L Sturgis Achievements.

Get to Know Us

The creative minds behind "The Devil's Daughter," Scott Vickers and Tyeshia Sturgis (pen name T. L. Sturgis), bring a wealth of achievements to this visionary project. Scott Vickers, known for his acclaimed work in the horror genre, has garnered recognition for his exceptional storytelling and directorial prowess. Tyeshia Sturgis, an award-winning author under the pen name T. L. Sturgis, has received accolades for her novella, providing rich source material for the film.

Together, they seamlessly blend Vickers' cinematic expertise with Sturgis's literary brilliance. This dynamic duo has not only fine-tuned the script to capture the intricate layers of psychological horror and supernatural elements but also initiated engaging discussions with potential lead actors. Their combined efforts extend to pre-production activities, including location scouting and concept design. With an impressive track record, a compelling narrative, and a dedication to strategic planning, Vickers and Sturgis position "The Devil's Daughter" for success in the horror film genre. As they actively seek a dedicated producer and raise funds through crowdfunding, grants, and cash donations, their collaborative vision promises to bring this captivating story to life on the big screen.

Help Grow Our Vision
(Current Status)

'The Devil's Daughter' is currently making substantial progress in its developmental phase. The script has been meticulously refined to capture the nuanced layers of psychological horror and supernatural elements. Discussions with potential lead actors are in full swing, as we seek partnerships that align seamlessly with the film's vision. Additionally, pre-production initiatives, including location scouting and concept design, are well underway. With a compelling narrative, a skilled team, and meticulous planning, 'The Devil's Daughter' stands on the brink of success in the horror film genre. We invite you to be a part of this journey by joining our team as a dedicated producer. Committed to turning this vision into reality, we are actively raising funds through crowdfunding, grants, and cash donations. Join us in bringing this captivating story to the big screen!

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